milad sahyoun: head trainer

Trained out of ELITE FIGHT GYM that he both owned and managed, Milad Sahyoun (Mimo) brings his  knowledge and experience to the club through his 10 years plus of fighting and training.

He has had 2 professional fights with 2 wins.

To keep at his peak, Mimo trains in Thailand twice a year at Sitsongpeenog and has done so for the last 5 years.  What makes him a great trainer is not only his warm personality, but his patience; Mimo always takes his time in every class to ensure his students not only get fit, but also learn and perfect their techniques.


jacob najar: muay-thai trainer

3x World, State, Australian and South Pacific Champion Jacob Najjar (aka Hamody Najjar) offers successful Kickboxing programs for absolute beginners all the way to professional fighters.

Jacob has over 10 years experience from training as a teenager to a professional fighter, and now helps people get fit and prepare for their fights.

He also offers private lessons.