personal training

personal training

While taking one or several of our many offered classes is a great way to increase your skill, conditioning, and overall ability, there is no better or faster method to improve than reserving a private session with your choice of gym instructor. Privates allow our professional trainers to create personal workouts just for you, while employing their unique skill sets and backgrounds to give you a highly unique and enjoyable experience.

Our personal trainers are ready to get you fit, whether you want to have the perfect body for beach season, or you’re preparing for a fight.

Personal training can be customized depending on whether you’d like to:

A. Build Muscle
B. Lose Weight
C. Learn Self-Defence
D. Get in Shape
E. Develop a Work-Out Plan
F. Or All of the Above

MMA Club Parramatta’s top level trainers are experienced in all aspects of exercise and fitness. They are there to motivate, pump you up, and set you on the path to leading a happier, stress free, healthy lifestyle.